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The Exciting Start of Your Musical Journey

Extended Day Music Lessons at Your Child's School
Piano, Guitar, Voice & more!!!!!

Our Music programs are offered in Schools throughout North Florida.    Our highly-qualified instructors work with the young musicians in groups each week in the Extended Day Enrichment programs.  We teach them Music Technique, Theory and Performance. 

Our Instructors are highly-educated and experienced teachers who have undergone rigorous background screenings and training.  

Lessons are held after school as a part of the Extended Day program.   If your child is not in the Extended Day program, you may have to pay a small, one-time fee to your school's Extended Day program.   Each student will need to provide their own instrument and lesson book.  After submitting your contact information on the registration link, we will provide you with the information needed to assist in choosing the correct instrument and materials.  

We are offering Individual Piano or Guitar lessons, and also small group Guitar lessons.  Individual Vocal lessons are also available.

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